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White sport is one of the most popular we have today. The great stars of the world of tennis have made this sport one of the most viewed on all platforms. In addition, you will be able to agree, it is difficult not to follow a sport that combines technique with speed and precision… In addition to its elegance.

On the other hand, Spain has always been a great exporter of professional tennis players. So it is normal that its inhabitants are, to a greater or lesser extent, aware of the performance of their players in the most important tournaments in the world.

The best bookmakers to make tennis predictions

When choosing the betting provider, you may be overwhelmed by the number of operators we have in the country. However, each one of them has particular characteristics that can stand out above the others and that, perhaps, will make you choose more easily. In order to help you choose a bookmaker, we have made a list of the best ones in Spain today.

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  • William Hill – Make your tennis predictions in the oldest provider.
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  • Yosports – The best of the Grand Slam tournaments you have here.
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How to bet on tennis?

bet on tennis

As with any forecast, you must be familiar with the event you are betting on. You have to take into account what are the factors that are at stake and, based on them, predict what the final result will be. In addition, it is important that you know in which situations you can place a bet and under what conditions you will be successful. All this is given to you by experience and knowledge of the game.

Therefore, after having created an account in the bookmaker of your choice, you can start to wonder what things you should take into account for your tennis bets.

What should I know before betting on tennis?

Among the many variables that exist in a tennis match, there are a few that we can highlight. This is so, since we consider that they are the ones with the greatest impact on the performance of the players and on the development of the matches.

  Later, with the passing of time, you will realize that there are subtleties that influence each of the matches. For example: what tennis players look at the balls before serving. For many it is a simple cliché, but the reality is that in professional sports, everything counts.

Game structure

The game is divided into points, games and sets. The winner of the match will be the first to win two sets of three in most tournaments or three sets of five in Grand Slam tournaments.

  It is important that you understand how a point is earned, the ways to obtain them and what each player gets by playing a certain number of them. That is, how many points are necessary to get a game and how many games are equivalent to a set.

  In addition, there are instances in the game that draws are reached where it is sought that there is a difference of two points in order to define a winner. You must know how to differentiate when these ties occur and under what conditions they can occur. Also, it is important that you know how those results are transmitted to the viewers, either through the umpire or in a live broadcast.

  On the other hand, each player takes turns serving in each game except when a tie break is being played. This may be relevant for you to understand when a break occurs and what is expected of players when they are serving and when they are not serving.

Physical state

The first thing you should understand in this regard is that tennis is a one-person sport. Although there may be matches where doubles are played (two players per side), tennis players do not have substitutes in their matches as soccer players or basketball players can. Therefore, the physical load they must bear is, in many cases, exaggerated.

  To give you an idea, a Grand Slam match can last up to 5 sets, each set can last approximately 45 minutes if it is an even game. Therefore, a single singles match can last 4 hours. Now, think that the players have a game every two days with only one rest.

  In addition, as if that were not enough, some players also participate in the doubles category, having extremely tight schedules in Grand Slam tournaments. Although doubles matches have some rules that make them a bit shorter, it is one more match that is played in the middle of two highly demanding singles matches.

  Therefore, if you are aware that a player comes with some discomfort, it is possible that muscle overload plays a trick on him in a long tournament such as Grand Slam tournaments.

  On the other hand, you might think that if an experienced 35-year-old player is up against a promising young twenty-something. The big player will have a significant physical handicap, but experience may make up for the shortness of breath. Since he will know when he will have to push himself and when he will be able to rally without rushing.

Duration of a match

As we already mentioned, in a 5-set match there can easily be 4 hours of play. However, there are games that have been extended even more, reaching more than 5 hours.

  In general, matches of such a long duration tend to favor fitness easily, but it is likely that match management could be an important factor. Players have ways to rest in the middle of games through open rallies, overtaxing the opponent and avoiding running for all the balls.

  Also, the power of the serves can make some of them have a good amount of aces, which will allow the game to stop a bit and you can walk around while the first serve does all the work.

  In any case, not all matches are of such high duration. Many times there is a technical difference between the players that causes the matches to be defined in straight sets and preventing the wear and tear from being so much.

Player types

Player types

Just as we are all different, professional players have their own characteristics that they have been able to exploit for different reasons. It may be that it is what they trained the most in their development as a player or, simply, it is what is easiest for them.

  In this way, you will find that Rafael Nadal is characterized by his speed and the impetus to reach each ball, you will see that John Isner is known for having the most powerful serve ever recorded or, also, you will be able to find out about players like Roger Federer who had a quality of being complete players, where they did not excel in any particular characteristic but their qualities stood out as a whole, having good speed, a powerful serve and, in Federer’s case, exceptional precision in his hitting.

  Therefore, if you see that Rafa is going to face Isner, you will most likely see a high percentage of first serves in favor of the American, but that the balls that are answered will be in favor of Rafa. It is up to you to predict which quality will prevail.

Field surface

Another important variable is the surface on which it is played. Broadly speaking, we can highlight three different surfaces that are those that are presented in Grand Slam tournaments. The brick dust or clay, grass surface or hard court.

  Each of them has particular characteristics that players must take into account when choosing the clothing for the match. However, for the purposes of a bettor, the only thing that matters is the characteristics that affect the style of play and the speed of the match.

  So, we can classify the clay surface as the courts with the slowest development of the game and the grass ones as the highest speed. That is why Rafa Nadal is the undisputed master of the clay court, his speed allows him to return more balls on this type of surface compared to any other player.

  Also, there are other conditions that play with the variables of each match that you will be able to delve into as you grow as a bettor in this sport. In general, you will realize that, in addition to the characteristics of each player, each one has a clue on which his performance is better than the others.

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