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Opening New Doors: Economic Opportunities for Immigrant Women Project

Opening New Doors: Economic Opportunities for Immigrant Women is a Peel project led by the Brampton Multicultural Community Centre (BMC) to identify and address barriers affecting immigrant women’s economic prosperity.  As part of this project, a region-wide research study was unveiled on April 17 2015 at a conference organized by BMC.  The study highlights key issues facing immigrant women in their search for meaningful employment and was a springboard for discussions regarding effective strategies that will assist

Signed Regional CAS/VAW Collaborative Agreement November 2013

The Central West Region CAS/VAW Collaboration Agreement will support organizations in the five communities to maximize the safety and support of women, children and men through coordination and collaboration between VAW agencies and CAS. The Collaboration Agreement will ensure an effective system response that will: a) set expectations of service delivery based on best practices working with women, children and men; b) promote accountability in systems, families and individuals and establish processes and forums to engage.

VAW Forum Evaluation - July 2013

As part of the Master of Business Administration (MBA) Program at Wilfrid Laurier University, a team of MBA students conducted a research project regarding the Central West region Violence Against Woman (VAW) Forum.  The purpose of the project was to evaluate the effectiveness of the VAW Forum by identifying strengths, gaps, and future enhancement opportunities.  This was an opportunity for the VAW Forum to benefit from a unique university/community collaboration and begin to explore potential strategies&nb

CAS/VAW Regional Collaboration Agreement - Signing Ceremony

November 1, 2013 - 11:30am - 1:30pm

Child Welfare and Violence Against Women organizations that are part of the Central West Region have been working since November 2012 to finalize a new regional Collaboration Agreement between the two sectors.  The Collaboration Agreement focuses on three important areas of work that require ongoing collaboration between the two sectors:

  • Engaging Men
  • High Risk Violence Against Women Situations
  • Child Custody and Access

The final document “Collaboration in Practice” was signed off at a celebratory signing even