VAW Forum Evaluation - July 2013

2013/11/25 - 12:22pm, Ilda Gizas
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As part of the Master of Business Administration (MBA) Program at Wilfrid Laurier University, a team of MBA students conducted a research project regarding the Central West region Violence Against Woman (VAW) Forum.  The purpose of the project was to evaluate the effectiveness of the VAW Forum by identifying strengths, gaps, and future enhancement opportunities.  This was an opportunity for the VAW Forum to benefit from a unique university/community collaboration and begin to explore potential strategies to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the Forum, as well as attempt to quantify some of the return on investment for the VAW Forum agencies. 

To help identify the VAW Forum’s strengths and weaknesses, MBA students collected feedback from a number of key stakeholders regarding their perception of the Forum's purpose, its benefits, structure, and operations.  In addition, a number of suggestions for future improvement were obtained through the consultation process.

The key deliverable was a research paper outlining the evaluation of the VAW Forum’s effectiveness in three key areas: 1) governance model; 2) knowledge sharing; 3) cost effectiveness/ return on investment (ROI).

The following documents are attached: 

  • VAW Forum Evaluation research paper
  • VAW Forum Evaluation PowerPoint presentation
  • SROI* Template
  • Several templates created by the MBA Team for the VAW Forum

* SROI is a principles-based method for measuring extra-financial value (i.e., environmental and social value not currently reflected in conventional financial accounts) relative to resources invested. It can be used by any entity to evaluate impact on stakeholders, identify ways to improve performance, and enhance the performance of investments[1]. It tells the story of how change is being created by measuring social, environmental, and economic outcomes and uses monetary values to represent these changes.