Opening New Doors: Economic Opportunities for Immigrant Women Project

2015/04/28 - 9:36am, Ilda Gizas
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Opening New Doors: Economic Opportunities for Immigrant Women is a Peel project led by the Brampton Multicultural Community Centre (BMC) to identify and address barriers affecting immigrant women’s economic prosperity.  As part of this project, a region-wide research study was unveiled on April 17 2015 at a conference organized by BMC.  The study highlights key issues facing immigrant women in their search for meaningful employment and was a springboard for discussions regarding effective strategies that will assist in bringing about meaningful change in the lives of women.  Opening New Doors: Economic Opportunities for Immigrant Women is funded by Status of Women Canada.

 "Immigrant women are often sponsored by their husbands and one of the barriers preventing those who are victims of domestic violence from taking control of their lives is their financial dependence on their abuser. These women usually have no one to turn to for support other than their abuser and/or his family and often find themselves trapped for fear of losing their immigration status.  Those who wish to gain some economic independence and have an education or work-related skills from their home countries face challenges in securing employment simply because their  skills do not translate well into the Canadian job market, in addition to a myriad of other obstacles.  BMC’s study which drew on the direct experience of over 100 immigrant women in Peel as well as leading academics, government officials and service providers, documents serious challenges for immigrant women in obtaining appropriate employment. We hope that the study findings will contribute to an enhanced understanding of the barriers immigrant women face in their search for appropriate employment and spur positive solutions that will have an impact on the VAW sector as well."

Dima Amad | Director, Programs and Services

Muslim Community Services | Brampton Multicultural Centre