CAS/VAW Regional Collaboration Agreement Reference Group

2015/04/28 - 2:41pm, Ilda Gizas
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The CAS/VAW Collaboration Agreement Reference Group will be responsible for supporting the Collaboration Agreement to be an active tool in the workplace. They will act as role models in the workplace, support the regional and community based training and regional communication forums, and address conflict as it arises.


Regional CAS/VAW Collaboration Agreement Reference Group Members:

Kim Evans, Director of Service, Dufferin Child and Family Services

Lynette Pole-Langdon, Manager of Counselling Services, Family Transition Place

Jennifer Binnington, Director of Community Protection Services, Halton CAS

Susan Jewett, Executive Director, Access Counselling and Family Services

Daria Allan Ebron, Senior Service Director Parent and Child Capacity, Peel CAS

Berna Bolanos, VAW Program Manager, Catholic Crosscultural Services

Dada Gasirabo, Executive Director, Oasis centre des femmes

Sonia Dennis, Senior Service Manager, Waterloo Family and Children’s Services

Leslie Josling, Executive Director, KW Counselling Services

Erin Harvey, Service Director, Guelph Wellington Family & Children’s Services 

Sly Castaldi, Executive Director, Guelph-Wellington Women in Crisis

Ilda Gizas, Program Supervisor, Ministry of Community and Social Services

Pamela Martindale-Nevin, Program Supervisor, Ministry of Children and Youth Services


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