Peel THSP/VAW – Social Housing Referral Agreement Committee

2012/04/13 - 3:13pm, Ilda Gizas
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A Referral Agreement has been in place between the Region of Peel, Human Services Department, and agencies providing Transitional Housing Support Services (THSP) within the Region of Peel since 2005.  Its purpose is to outline the collaborative processes that all parties will abide by, as they help women survivors of abuse to connect with community supports and find and maintain housing through the Special Priority Housing Program.

In 2010, the agreement was revised to include new signatories to the agreement, consisting of several new THSP providers and VAW agencies that provide a range of VAW services including transition supports. 

In an effort to ensure the effective implementation of the referral agreement, increased collaboration, and a greater focus on a systems based approach, a Referral Agreement Committee was established in 2011 with representation from all signatory agencies. 


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